About Mangia per Bene

Italian food from small producers, direct to your door

Mangia per Bene is an online marketplace for small Italian producers who make kitchen staples – especially those which are in short supply in the UK at the moment. Our producers make the best Italian food, from olive oil and pulses to cheese and salami.

Mangia per Bene doesn’t make any money from this. All the money from your purchases goes straight to the producers, minus the transaction fees.

Why are we doing this? Because we’ve been buying food from these guys ourselves for years, and we want to help them through the current crisis.

Who are the producers?

These are the kind of people you only find when you’re on holiday. You see a sign to their olive press, visit their farm, or follow your nose to their marketstall, pungent with the best food Italy has to offer.

They’re the people who sell exactly the kind of food that you travel to Italy for. The kind that makes you drool as you buy it, pause at the estate agent’s window before your flight back, and shed an inner tear once you’re confronted with the olive oil and cheese on offer back home. This is the best of Italian produce, but because they’re small businesses, you’ll never find them in a supermarket.

You probably won’t have heard of them because they don’t work with supermarkets, wholesalers, or big commercial websites. You’d never find their own websites unless you know about them, and anyway, not all of them speak English – they’re too busy growing your food to take conversation classes.

We’ve brought them all together here, picked out the products we think a UK audience would like best, and have translated for them.

We’ve done this because, as you know all too well, Italy has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. The psychological scars will take years to heal, but the financial wounds are also deep. Small businesses have been devastated – and those which produce food have limited time in which to recoup their losses. Giving these producers a new platform for finding clients seems like the right thing to do.

And with staples like pasta, pulses and olive oil being in short supply in the UK right now, it’s a service that cuts both ways.

Unlike other websites, we don’t make any money from Mangia per Bene. We’ve set it up to help the producers. To give them a hand – or dare una mano as they say in Italy. So every penny you pay will go direct to the seller – minus the credit card transaction fee.

Please note: We’ve launched Mangia per Bene in a hurry, to get money where it’s needed as fast as possible. The good news: that means faster access to your olive oil, pasta and lentils (we know you’ve missed it all in these bare-shelfed days). It also means we’re working with a brand new concept. In the future we hope to introduce subscription food boxes and group-buying options to cut down on shipping costs – please sign up by emailing us at ciao@mangiaperbene.com to receive details once we have them. But at the moment, our priority is to get the food out to you, and the money to our producers, as fast as possible. Please bear with us if anything seems rough around the edges, and if you notice anything wrong with the website please email us so we can put it right! You can also contact us through Facebook or Twitter, or you can look at pictures from Italy on our Instagram

Please also note: we handle payment, but your order is handled from start to finish by the suppliers. They package it up and send it direct to you. We’re happy to help if you have questions, and can act as translation intermediaries, but your contract is with them. Not that there’s any need for concern, because we have been buying from them ourselves for years and think you’ll be thrilled with what they send you. Let us know!