How it works

This is a marketplace, so although we take your payment (and then send it to the producers), we don’t handle the food. Your order goes direct to the individual supplier; they then package it up, and ship it straight to you, from Italy.

Mangia per Bene doesn’t make any money from this. All the money from your purchases goes straight to the producers, minus Paypal’s obligatory transaction fees. We set this up during the coronavirus crisis to help small businesses who are suffering during Italy’s lockdown.

Please note: We launched with an option to pay via Paypal because it seemed the quickest way to get money to the producers. We are adding a credit card payment option within the next day (1/2 July). If you prefer to pay with a credit card, please do check back. Thanks for your patience.

Shipping it direct this way means your order gets to you faster, and cuts out the middle man (and the subsequent costs). The only downside: you will pay a shipping charge for every supplier you order from. Some (currently Antonietta and Franco, for nougat and deli boxes respectively) have included shipping in their boxes, others charge by the item or kilo. If charging that way (Pietro, Simone and Ilaria), it is usually substantially better value if you buy more than one product – and the good news is that most of these products have a long shelf life. The shipping price will update automatically as you add the products to your basket.

In the future we hope to cut down on shipping costs by introducing subscription food boxes (monthly or quarterly) and group-buying options (where we wait for 20 people to order a product, and have them shipped to the UK en masse). Please sign up by emailing us at [email protected] to receive details once we have them. At the moment, though, our priority is to get payment to our producers, and food to you, as quickly as possible.

Be assured that, apart from Paypal transaction fees, your entire payment goes to the suppliers – we are not taking any commission. Everyone involved is donating their time, whether that’s building the website, designing the logo, doing order admin or translating for our suppliers.