Box 2: Il Grande


Everything in the classico box – plus a lot more

300g prosciutto, sliced

200g mortadella

300g 24-month-aged parmesan

300g 36-month-aged parmesan

250ml balsamic vinegar IGP

250g pecorino cheese from Emilia Romagna

200g ‘felino’ salami (typical of Parma)

250g ‘rosa’ salami (typical of Bologna)

Packet of 10x tigelle (like blinis, typical of Emilia Romagna)

500g spaghettoni pasta

Shipping included


Prosciutto 300g 11.7
Mortadella 200g 3.7
24 month-aged parmesan 300g 5.85
36 month-aged parmesan 300g
Balsamic vinegar IGP 250ml
Pecorino cheese 250g
Salami ‘felino’ 200g
Salami ‘rosa’ 250g
Packet of tigelle 10 x tigelle
Spaghettoni pasta 500g

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Weight 3 kg

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