Box 3: L’aperitivo


Everything you need for a quintessential aperitivo spread – slice it all up and whack it on a tasting board

250g prosciutto, sliced

250g 24-month-aged parmesan

250g mortadella

250g pecorino cheese from Emilia Romagna

200g ‘rosa’ salami (typical of Bologna)

Packet of 10x tigelle (like blinis, typical of Emilia Romagna)

Piadine x6 (like wraps or flatbreads, typical of Emilia Romagna)

Pot of giardiniera (pickled vegetables)

Shipping included


Prosciutto 250g
24 month-aged parmesan 250g
Mortadella 250g
Pecorino 250g
Salame ‘rosa’ 200g
Packet of tigelle 10 x tigelle
Piadine 5 x piadine
Pot of ‘giardiniera’ (pickled vegetables)
Food total/cibo

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Weight 3 kg

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