Box 4: The ‘di lusso 15’


Everything you need for a luxurious slice of Emilia Romagna – including balsamic vinegar that’s been aged for 15 years, and culatello, the cured ham so posh that it’s beloved of top chefs and royalty (including Prince Charles).

300g culatello

300g prosciutto

250g ‘felino’ salami (typical of Parma)

200g mortadella

300g 36-month-aged parmesan

250g pecorino cheese

250g ‘rosa’ salami (typical of Bologna)

Packet of 10x tigelle (Emilia Romagna’s answer to blinis)

2x 500g packs pasta (spaghettoni and rigatoni)

Balsamic vinegar DOP aged 15 years


Culatello ham 300g
Prosciutto 300g
Felino’ salami 250g
Mortadella 200g
36 month-aged parmesan 300g
Pecorino cheese 250g
Salami ‘rosa’ 250g
Packet of tigelle 10 x tigelle
Spaghettoni and rigatoni pasta 2x 500g
Balsamic vinegar DOP aged 15 years 100ml

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Weight 3 kg

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